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Daniel Yun (LAc),

A licensed acupuncturist, graduated from American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Houston, TX .  Now practicing in Irving Texas

He loves to witness his patients benefiting from different therapies, such as Tui- Na/ Acup-pressure point treatment, Herbal formula, Cupping, Facial rejuvenation, auricular point treatments. His skills have been further enhanced with years of training in traditional Chinese medicine interventions combined with additional advance training in Western functional medicine to help hard working people whose work keeps piling up, daily stress keeps building, and those chronic aches are acting up more and more. During his tenure, he has treated many professional sports figures in different sports types. In his spare time, he always enjoy spending time with his family.

Acupuncture services:

Acupuncture  -  Acupuncture with electrical stimulation - Acupressure - Cupping - Herb supplements - Weight loss

Electrical stimulation works on low frequency modulation that releases pain-relieving endorphins, improves blood supply, increases metabolism and diminishes joint swelling. All this in turn promotes healing and weight loss to the area applied by the metabolism increase.

Conditions Treated:

 Addiction-alcohol,drug, smoking -  Anxiety/Depression - Arthritis/Joint pain - Carpal tunnel syndrome - Bronchitis/Common Cold - Chronic fatigue - Constipation/Diarrhea/IBS/ Indigestion - Facial palsy -  Fibromyalgia - Headache/Migraine - Incontinence -  Infertility -  Low back pain/Sciatica - Menopause/PMS/Menstrual irregularities - Neuropathy/Trigeminal neuralgia - Shoulder pain/Tennis elbow - Allergy/ Sinusitis - Sleep disturbances/Stress

Weight Loss/Gain.....And many more!


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