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These are some of the most common chiropractic questions we get at our office. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to call us.

Our free initial consultation is a better way to assess how we may help you so don’t hesitate to make your appointment.

What is a misalignment? (subluxation)?

Your spine is made up of 24 individual bones called vertebrae. These small bones act as a framework to protect your spinal cord from any type of impact. It is when these tiny bones move from their normal position, and push against the spinal nerves that cause a subluxation and the symptoms. You may or may not experience pain when the vertebrae is out of place, this is why it is best to be regularly checked by your chiropractor.

Your body will respond much better if you are given a spinal adjustment when you are in little or no pain.

What information should I bring to my first visit?

The most important thing on your first visit is the feeling you get while in our office. So consider the first visit like an interview for our staff, and Dr. Kolling. Once you have determined that you would like to receive treatment there are several important things to bring:

If you have insurance bring your insurance card so that we can verify your specific coverage. Prior test results (if any) that pertain to your current complaint, like any x-rays taken or reports from another healthcare provider. A list of any questions or concerns that you can discuss with Dr. Kolling

How do you know how many treatments it will take to heal my condition? (subluxation)?

It is impossible to accurately determine how many chiropractic treatments it will take to improve your condition, and please stay away from chiropractors that want to sell you on 4 treatments a week or more, over adjusting the spine can cause the vertebral ligaments to become too elastic, easily allowing the vertebrae to get misaligned where there were no problems to begin with. Similar to what happens if you constantly “crack” your neck, the more you do it the more it feels like you need to do it, because the spine in your neck more easily gets out of place. We strongly believe in the use of therapeutic massage along with chiropractic, by loosening tight muscles that pull on the spine, we can accomplish far better results, often minimizing the amount of adjustments needed to re-align an injury. Spinal healing is team work between your chiropractic clinic and what you do in between your visits, like sitting at a computer desk with your shoulders to your ears, or sleeping face down with your neck crooked, or hitting the ground with your 9 iron, all these things might delay or extend your complete healing due to the strain that it can put on your neck. We have had patients that after one adjustment and one massage have gotten complete relief from a painful condition, to patients that come on a weekly basis due to the combination of the condition of their spine and the stress they put upon it daily from stress, bad posture and exertion.

What will your first adjustment be like?

At your first chiropractic visit, you'll complete a comprehensive health history to help us understand the factors impacting your state of health. This includes information about your diet, exercise habits, past health problems, your occupation, and other important data. During the appointment, your Chiropractor will consult with you about this information. He will then perform a thorough examination, using palpation (touch) and/or x-rays; he may also find it necessary to conduct range of motion checks, strength tests, neurological tests, orthopaedic tests, and/or other tests to evaluate your health and identify the sources of your particular complaint. You'll spend time at your second visit learning exactly what was determined from the results of your first visit: where the origin of your problem lies, how long it will take to correct it, and the details of your treatment plan. Your plan may include an adjustment or a series of adjustments, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, moist heat, ice, massage, or other modalities of therapy. Before you move ahead with your plan, we will also provide financial consultation to help you work out the details of your deductibles and insurance coverage. Finally, your Chiropractor will spend time helping you understand your role in taking care of your body, and making wise lifestyle choices. Each visit will vary according to the nature of your particular situation, your specific plan for progress, and your body's response to that plan.

Do I need a referral to visit a chiropractor?

No. A Doctor of Chiropractic is a primary health care provider, and you need no referral for care.

Is chiropractic expensive?

We don't think so, but it depends on your perspective. The sad fact is that most people invest more money in their cars than they do in their health. But consider this: compared to anything you own, your body is infinitely more valuable! If you incorporate chiropractic care as part of your long term health strategy, chiropractic will save you money by keeping your body functioning optimally. This greatly reduces your risk of disease, pain, and the need for surgery or drugs (each of these can be much more expensive than chiropractic care). You either pay for your health today with your time, attention and money, -or- you pay for it tomorrow with pain, dysfunction, lifestyle compromises, and (eventually) a lot more money. A chiropractor addresses your physical health similar to the way a dentist takes care of your teeth. Although you could visit the dentist only when your teeth hurt, regular checkups save you from the pain and expense of tooth decay. The same principle applies to your neuromuscular-skeletal system. Proper chiropractic health care is an inexpensive investment that rewards you with increased mobility, strength, and energy while at the same time preventing sickness and big medical bills.

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